May Pilot Classic 55 Updates

A busy month at the yard which has seen the Coracell M foam outer skin laminated with e-glass, vacuumed and then epoxy filled and partially faired, infact below the water line fairing is completed. The slightly scary process of turning the hull with the jig inside was completed and she is now sitting in her build cradle with the jig removed. We call already see her beautiful lines. The next month will be all about forming the internal structure, its very much a carbon based grid system engineered by Hoek Design to be light and very strong. The bow of the boat looks slightly strange at the moment as the boat has a false bow which is a safety feature used on high end race boats where if one was unlucky enough to hit an object at speed, the false bow is designed to break off whilst maintaining the integrity of the hull. As a further safety measure there is also a watertight bulkhead immediately behind the bow as well as in the aft section.