PC 55 July update

She’s almost ready !! A few finishing touches and we will be there. We have a lot more high res images that we can send so please contact us if you are interested to see them.

PC 55 Update end May 2016

Now that the deck is ‘teaked’ one really understands how the coach roof and deck are as ‘one’ with each flowing into the other. No clutter, no obstructions, no lines mean apart from a very clean/flush look its also an area that is very usable for relaxing – Classic styled boats are often said to have left space than their modern equivalents and on the interior we cant compete especially in the aft sections due to the classic lines but on deck we would argue it terms of cockpits and actual usable deck space these boats offer more space than most of the modern counterparts. Also a picture of the beautiful stainless fairleads, a work of art in themselves, as they say its all in the detail !!

PC 55 Mid May 2016 Update

The 55 is a frustratingly difficult to photograph at the moment as everything appears to being painted, sanded, painted etc and covered in plastic – hopefully by the end of the month she will appear in all her glory . The side decks and cap rails are complete, the interior is being painted and is complete except the ceilings and the hull is now painted to the show coat stage which will then have its final light sand before the final Awlgrip top coat. The hull really is beautifully fair with the lovely detailing in terms of the hull recess, cove stripe and tapered hull ports. The next month is going to be all about installing the deck gear which has finally arrived and finishing off the balance of of installation works.

pc 55 may 2

PC 55 end March 2016

We have had some new renders done which show different coach house styles and also how the colors can change the look of the boat.
The Hall rig has arrived in Bodrum safe and sound, we will update the interior photos in early April but the interior is coming along really nicely.

PC 55 White

PC 55 Teak Blue

PC 55 Blue retro

PC55 Hall 2

PC55 Hall 1e

PC 55 – End Feb Site visit

Great progress on the interior and the white primer coats have gone on the forward Owners cabin, Its going to be a stunning cabin, feels very spacious and light. The Teak vertical strips are taped up so its not as ‘all white’ as it appears in the photos and will be similar to the 66 interior. Its going to be a very busy month coming up in March. The interior carpentry should be completed by the the end of March and the balance of the the balance of main installation works completed. The teak deck will start during the month and we expect will be completed carpentry wise within mid April.
Forward Cabin looking forwardForward cabin looking aft 2

PC55 Feb 2016

Firstly apologies for the time off line – it has nothing to do with lack of progress on the 55 where the build is still proceeding very well and we are still aiming to launch the boat in June 2016 which will mean a 16 month build – she is going to be an absolute beauty. The interior is well underway and we expect to finish this by the end of March and then it will be a hard month of fairing, fairing and more fairing and then finally the lovely white and teak interior will appear. The systems side is progressing well, the engine is in, tanks and most of the wiring and we will start in earnest on this in the coming weeks. The teak deck work will start very shortly in terms of cutting of the strips. The Hall Carbon rig is due to be shipped shortly and will be with us by the end of March.pc 55 int 3pc55 int 2pc 55 int 1PC55 deck 2pc 55 deck 1

PC55 – End October 2015

PC55 October 5PC55 October 6The main focus this past month has been on getting the deck built. The entire deck is being built in a female mould and the yard are putting as much detail into the mold as possible so that there is less work to do later, its a time consuming and laborious process but once the mold is complete progress should be fairly rapid – they are hoping to have the deck on the boat by mid December. On the interior a lot of systems drawings and planning is continuing and the yard are busy on the floor construction and trying to maximize the usable spaces and make sure all systems are accessible for servicing etc

September 2015 update

It has been a busy few months at the yard in terms of finishing off the structure of the hull, grid system and bulkheads and the start of the deck. As one can see from the photos there is a lot of carbon in the grid system and supports, about 250kg’s in the grid system and re-inforcements on the bulkheads and supported areas which will mean an extremely stiff yacht ! A lot of time has been spent 3 d modeling the final systems drawings for maximum usage of the areas for tanks and equipment to make sure that all areas are accessible for easy servicing of equipment in the long term, we would be pleased to explain this in further detail. We have also had some renders commissioned which I am sure you will agree show the fabulous lines of the yacht and how she will finally look, an exciting prospect !!

June 2015 Pilot Classic 55 Update

June has been a month where the focus has been on the interior skin lamination and the start of the interior structure. The yard are looking to complete the interior structure and have the bulkheads in position by the end of July and then the preliminary installation work will commence. Most of the equipment including the rig, deck gear, steering system and engine have all been ordered during the month.

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